How Do Garage Door Specialists Handle Garage Door Panel Repair?

March 30, 2024

Do you recall how sometimes a part of your door gets dinged or dented, making it look not-so-great? That’s a sign that your garage door needs a professional garage door panel repair. It’s all about fixing those damaged sections so your garage door looks as good as new.

Whether it’s a minor dent or a bigger problem, getting those panels repaired can make a big difference in the appearance and functioning of your garage door panels. Although this job should be left to the specialists, it never hurts to know the procedure.

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What Is a Garage Door Panel?

Think of garage door panels as the big parts of the door you see when it’s closed. If your door has windows, the panels are the sections below them. But if there are no windows, these panels are the large parts that make up the door, running horizontally or vertically. The number of panels changes based on the style and size of your door.

What Holds Garage Door Panels Together?

Just like any other door, hinges hold your garage door together. These hinges connect the panels so the door can bend up and down on the track. The door above has five hinges between each panel, spaced out evenly across the width of the door.

How Do Garage Door Master Repair or Replace Garage Door Panels?

Although DIY strategies are useful in many ways, some procedures are better for professionals. Every garage door repair or replacement involves safety concerns. Therefore, always consult a professional. Following is how they do it:

  1. Disconnecting the Garage Door Opener: Before they start, they ensure that the power to the garage door opener is turned off to avoid accidents.
  2. Measuring: To determine the right replacement, they check the dimensions of the old panel (how wide, tall, and thick it is).
  3. Removing the Damaged Panel: They also use a drill to unscrew the hinges holding the old panel in place, carefully removing it.
  4. Installing the New Panel: They put the new panel in place and line up the hinges with the ones on the door track. Screw them in securely.
  5. Reconnecting the Garage Door Opener: They double-check that all screws are tight before turning the power back on. Afterward, they test the door to see if it opens and closes smoothly.

What Happens If You Delay the Garage Door Panel Repair?

Over time, the panels on your garage door can wear out and start to bend, crack, or break. If you keep using a door with damaged sections, it can mess up the whole door, causing serious problems.

If you see a part of your garage door is broken, it’s smart to get it fixed professionally. The skilled technicians can check out the problem and suggest the best fix. If you need new panels, they will help you find ones that match your current door.

Damaged panels might indicate bigger issues with your door, so it’s best to get a pro to examine it and devise a plan.

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