What Does Your Noisy Garage Door Indicate?

April 30, 2024
It can be surprising when your garage door starts making weird noises like popping, banging, rattling, or squealing. A noisy garage door doesn’t just indicate a lack of sufficient lubrication but also many other issues.
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Garage Door Makes Loud Noise When Opening and Closing

Before dealing with a loud garage door, ensure you’re safe first. Garage doors are heavy, and fixing them can be risky if you don’t have the right tools and skills. Hiring a professional technician to maintain your garage door regularly is best. This can help prevent injuries and save you money on repairs later. Following are some common issues:

  • Malfunctioning Garage Door Openers:
    Garage door openers get their power from belts, screws, or chains. If these parts aren’t maintained well, they can make noise. For example, a screw driver might scrape against the rack, or a belt might squeal if it comes loose. Grinding noises could mean a problem with the opener, especially if the door has trouble opening or closing.
  • Unstable Door or Broken Torsion Springs:
    If your garage door is off-balance, you might hear thumping or banging noises. A loud snap could mean the torsion spring broke. Fixing these issues yourself can be risky, so it’s best to call a professional.
  • Loose Parts:
    Squeaking noises usually mean the metal parts need lubrication and the nuts and bolts holding the door together are loose.
  • Lack of Lubrication:
    If your garage door parts aren’t lubricated properly, you might hear rattling, squeaking, squealing, grinding, or vibrating noises. Rattling might also happen due to improper installation, unbalanced doors, or loose nuts or bolts.

How to Quiet a Noisy Garage Door?

If your garage door is hard to move, opens too fast, or the rollers come off the tracks, don’t try to repair it yourself. This could be dangerous. Instead, stop using the door and get help from a garage door expert. Following are some solutions:

  1. Tighten Nuts and Bolts
    The noise your garage door makes might be because the bolts and screws holding the door and track together are loose or missing. Tightening them with a wrench and socket set can make the door noiseless.But be careful not to tighten them too much, or you might damage the door. Before you start, make sure to stay safe. Ask someone to help you, and disconnect the garage door opener so it doesn’t move while you work.
  2. Roller Lubrication
    Use synthetic lubricant on all moving parts, including:
    • The steel roller shaft where it connects to the hinge
    • The hinges themselves
    • The lift cables where they attach to the bottom bracket button
    • Bearings on the spring system
    • The entire length of your springs

    Keep lubricating every two months, even if the noise gets better before then.

  3. Check Your Garage Door Opener
    If your garage door opener seems to be causing the noise, it’s best to consult the maintenance manual for help. Check if the chain or belt drive looks loose. If it is, don’t try to fix, adjust, or repair them yourself.If you decide to replace your opener, consider getting a steel-reinforced rubber belt drive system. These are usually quieter than chain drives. You can also use vibration isolators to reduce noise from the opener.
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Final Word

A noisy garage door is usually a lubrication problem with the door. However, the haunting vibes around the house due to noise can be disturbing. Don’t fix any parts of your garage door yourself. It can be risky.

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