Why My Garage Door Won’t Close

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January 30, 2024

A wonky garage door is like that friend who can’t quite get their act together. Sometimes, it opens smoothly; other times, it refuses to budge. A malfunctioning garage door is a diva, deciding when it’s in the mood to cooperate or wanting to be the drama queen of the driveway.

A garage door that refuses to close indicates it needs door repairs or maintenance. Only the professionals will suggest what you need, but you at your end can check for the following issues:

Need Expert Care for Your Garage Door Requirements?
  1. Dead Batteries
    Garage doors require power to open and close via a transmitter. This transmitter works with batteries. Therefore, the transmitter cannot convey the signals to the garage system if the batteries die upon demand.
    Although you can fix it yourself, we recommend calling the professionals to assess the transmitter. If it works well, then they might consider changing the batteries.
  2. Get Those Photo Eyes Checked
    Sometimes, your garage door successfully goes down to close but bounces back up as if there’s something stuck in its way. Every garage door since 1993 has 2 tiny photo eyes installed on both sides of the door. The purpose of these photo eyes is to identify any activity or things around the door.
    Your garage door can be malfunctioning due to the photo eye. You can wipe them clean with a rag. Sometimes, they are only out of alignment and need readjustment. Therefore, call the professionals to do it.
  3. Misaligned Track
    Your garage door leverages a piece of metal to open and close itself. This track requires the right alignment as it handles the garage door while it moves. Track misalignment mostly happens due to the appearance of gaps between the door’s rollers and the track. You can call the seasoned garage door maintenance specialists to resolve the problem.
  4. Separated Spring
    The garage door itself never opens or closes; it’s the spring that moves it. If you are experiencing a sudden inability to close your garage door, it can be due to a broken spring. It can be identified by the heavy amount of noise it produces. Spring breakage is a problem you can’t solve on your own. Call the handymen you trust to get the spring replaced.
  5. Get that Debris Out
    Although photo eyes can identify the objects near your garage door. They can recognize objects up to a certain area and under the door. It can be a poorly parked car or an object stuck under or around the door. You can try shifting things here and there. If the issue persists. Call the professionals for help.
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Out tech David was absolutely wonderful! He fixed my garage door back to new on a weekend. The price was good and less then what I had planned to pay. I will definitely use this company next time I have a garage issue.
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Bottom Line

Garage door issues can freak you out. But remember, the problem is mostly minor if your garage door refuses to shut. A major repair might be waiting behind. Contact us at Garage Door Service Master for all minor to major garage door issues. Dial (832) 391-8827 to book a service.